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Wednesday, March 16, 2011



This is beautiful Kate. I'm so glad you can be there for your grandfather. My uncle had a benign brain tumor and is now mostly disabled. I feel bad that I can't help my aunt who lives 2 hours away. It's good to hear from you, as always. I apologize in advance for being overly curious, but... did you send the card? (previous post)


Aw, this made me tear up. I'm sorry about your grandfather, but he (and you too) is blessed to have family taking care of him during this time. You will never regret it, either.


Your writing brings back the weeks I spent with my grandmother between her having a stroke and dying - an intense and hard time, but one also filled with grace and a rightness in being there. 12 years later I still consider it just about the best and most valuable thing I have ever done, and have such a sense of peace about that time. Being able to have that time together and slowly let go, remembering the past, was a final gift to me. To this day it is a source of strength - which isn't to underplay how hard it was to live through.

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I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather, hope is doing well. I'm glad that you take care of him, it's very important to be someone who help him in this terrible moments, affection makes him feel better.

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I used to take care of my grandfather when I was a kid. He was 73 and I was 12. He had cancer and I would go with him on the bus to his treatments. I sure miss him. I am 34 today and cherish those times together no matter how hard they were. I feel for you. You are a special person.

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What a beautiful and moving post. Thank you.


Mmm, grandfathers.

A week before my late Grandfather's birthday -- our second without him -- we found out my husband's grandfather has cancer. So, yes, this post hit in places that are still raw right now.

Thinking of you and yours.

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so sad my dear.. have strength. pray and pray.. is the answer.

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