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Tuesday, January 04, 2011



I am an adoptive mother in a fairly open adoption -- we live in different states, and my (our) daughter is only 2, but I keep the connection as open as possible. It fluctuates on both sides for a variety of reasons but, no matter what, I want my daughter to GET IT that her first mother loves her and cares about her life and her future. It's the truth, and she should know it.

To that end, I say send the card. I hope she receives it -- 13 is a big birthday! -- and I especially hope that the adults in her life are mature enough to handle it.


Oops! And, I'm an idiot, because I just noticed this post is from January. Sorry! I haven't been checking in since you stopped blogging for a while and stopped by today and got all excited and did not look at the dates. Did I mention I have a toddler...? Who makes me very tired and dumb...?

Chaz Elban

Thanks so much for sharing - I enjoyed perusing your posts.



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it's okay to start from scratch it is okay for us to be molded and better.

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