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Monday, April 21, 2008



OMG. I learned about the Eastern Garbage Patch last year, and I think about it pretty much every day. Freaks my shit out.

Sorry about the sleep troubles. That really sucks.


LOL...I feel you. We've got younger ones, but we've had sleep WARS here lately. And it sucks.

A little preemptive benedryl or tylenol...not the worst idea ever. For sure.

That Garbage Patch thing? Crazy.


You know my husband is obsessed with that thing, right? OBSESSED. Drives me batty.

Have you tried Melatonin with the kids? I've used it with Tori sometimes with far better success than Benadryl. Not the crappy CVS kind but the good sublingual kind they sell at Whole Foods. The pills are 2.5 mgs and kids can take 1/4 to 1/2 a pill depending on their age (your kids are probably old enough to do half, and truthfully, Tori's done a half no problem). It tastes like a mint so she loves it, and it gives her a solid 6-8 hours of peaceful non-druggy sleep. LIFE SAVER. :D


yeah, cecily, my kids get melatonin. at first it gave them great sleep (and it did actually solve miriam's trouble she was having with needing a good hysterical cry before she could nod off) but naomi's response to melatonin is sometimes to have vivid nightmares, and sometimes she wakes miriam up before she calms down.


I didn't know about Garbage Patch. Wow. I'll never look at another plastic bag again without thinking of it.

I've been a regular at TMC for some time. I can't even bring myself to confess some of my awfulness there though. I'm not cut out for parenting young kids either. I fervently hope that I'll do better when with older, less dependent children.


Oh dear, I'm sorry you continue to have sleep problems and that melatonin is not longer helping much... what time do you get them back on Sunday? Would getting them back a bit earlier and doing some calm activity help? (that's the only lame thing I can think of).

Anyway... I do feel the same way sometimes, that I'm not cutout to care for little ones, but thankfully the feeling passes and only comes back when other nightmarish moments take place. I'm a really terrible disciplinarian, that's for sure...

Oh yeah, that garbage place in the ocean. Have you heard about the islands-full of baby birds many of whom die because their mommy birds feed them plastic unaware it's not food? It's literally giving me nightmares ever since I heard it on NPR...

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