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Friday, September 07, 2007



Oh Kateri, you're just tired. Of course, you're tired, it happens to all of us, even those of us with another grown-up handy to whom we can say, go in there and deal with her or I swear to God, I will wring her neck. You're a great mother and you're certainly not the only one driven to distraction by your children!


What Anne said. You're not alone.


Dude, you're way better at mom-ming 90% of the time than I am 50% of the time. Seriously. And you've got TWO. Feeling the awfulness at all is a surefire sign you're doing something right - I think REALLY horrible parents are the ones who are totally confident in their spooky, scary bullshit.

Incidentally, this happened to me with MY first tooth (it flew behind the stove when I was yanking it out). My mom had me write a letter to the tooth fairy explaining the situation and leave THAT under my pillow.

blue milk

Having just had my own little parenting melt down it was kind of nice to come upon your post. I hope you're feeling better, more forgiving of yourself, and somewhat revived.. as I am now.


we've all been there. sometimes i think i'm losing my mind. and sometimes i want to call my own mom and say i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry!

Her Grace

Loud voices after bedtime drive me INSANE. It's the one thing I can't tolerate, and I think it stems from those years when they were babies and would. not. sleep. I totally get it. I also get losing your temper and saying things you don't mean. I hear myself doing it and want to stop myself, but I just can't.

You aren't alone. I hope it goes better tonight.


Dude, I have so been there. You are not alone. It's the tiredness that really gets you. If you hadn't been tired, you probably could have pulled it together and been SuperMommy! Or at least that's how I often feel.

I've had to apologize to Maddie many times for losing my shit. Given that my parents never ever apologized for anything, I figure I'm already ahead in the game. Although Lily, at two, sets me off way worse than Maddie ever did (it's the screaming! the infernal screaming!), so we'll just have to wait and see if we all make it out relatively unscathed.

Oh, and Maddie lost her first tooth right after it fell out. She also had a "drop the tooth behind the bed" incident in the middle of the night, too. And there are more teeth to come...

Shannon B

I got half way through and said to myself, aloud "I LOVE this post." It all sounds so damn familiar.


I rarely (if ever) comment, but I have to say that I so appreciate your honesty.

emily roysdon

I appreciate the honesty, too. I think many of us have this perfect picture of the Tooth Fairy experience, but the kids get in the way. My daughter refused to believe, and acted like the Tooth Fairy (who left feathers and sequins and a gold chain, ffs) was an errant toddler who trashed her room :-P *hugs*

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