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Friday, August 31, 2007



Here's one, don't know if it's what you're looking for though.



Such differences in children, really. Nicholas couldn't care less about what he wears. Ariana, however, does have some preferences. I fall somewhere in the middle; if it's clean and it fits around my belly (or, even if it doesn't at this point, who cares), I'm good.

That said, he does sometimes DEMAND to wear his sunglasses. At night.


Not a boring post at all, I was wondering how your girls were doing!


I'm a big fan of pants or jeans under dresses on the little ones. My older kid did multiple daily costumes change, though probably not that early. She had a very intense and long-lasting sparkly pink princess phase. It ended around age six. She's still a fan of costumes, they just aren't nearly as pink.


Lovely to hear about the girls... Yeah, Miriam has always seemed to have a very strong personality. Sometimes the boys refuse to wear something, but I've been generally lucky with getting them to wear what I want them too. Good luck with winter clothes!

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