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Friday, July 27, 2007



*nodding* Everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE, that has responded to this (all triad sides) continues to bring up so many points that my mind is filled with different ideas, good ones and thought provoking ones, than the few I had on my own when I initially read it. "Idealistic to the point of arrogance." Wow. Yeah, I'm just honestly sitting here and nodding. I, as well, hope that whatever happens when/if this conversation takes place will be healing for the Munchkin. My own healing would be nice as well but... she's just so much more important to me than anything that I could benefit from by discussing all of this.

*goes away, nodding*


I know you are torn about what to do with this blog, but I must say that I came here because of discussions like this. I have learned a lot about adoptions and birthmotherhood from reading your blog. Everything I knew before was from TV and movies, so I was horribly misinformed! Even if you only post occasionally about these issues, I think it is worth keeping this blog.


What Craphead said.

Also, this? "...at 19, I was idealistic to the point of arrogance, and had so many misconceptions about what life is really like, and what parenthood is really like."

I imagine there are very few 19 year olds for whom that is NOT true. Lord knows I was not one of them. As for knowing what parenthood is really like, it's difficult until you're in it. I think becoming a parent can be a fine way to grow out of that 19-year-old-ness, and I think there's zero social support for that.

What I mean is: be gentle, gentle on yourself.


I did a post about it. And yeah... 'idealistic to the point of arrogance' sounds like most 19-year-olds.

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