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Thursday, June 07, 2007



Hermit crabs also make good, low-maintenance pets.


Re: 1. We do the 1940s housekeeping thing here. It's not so bad.

Re: 4. I recommend radishes. The seeds are big enough for a kid to plant, the plants are easy to grow, and she can eat the results. She probably won't want to, but she could.

Re: 8. I just realized that you never talk about your job. Are you working now?

Re: 10. You too!


"Fish don't escape and get lost in the house and get disembowled by the cat."

Or, God, drown in the sump pump, and appear as bobbing bloated hamster carcasses at the end of a frantic weeklong search. Stuart Lewis Leerypolyp II, IV, and VII, I loved you dearly.

Once we had four mice, two females two males, and one female had a litter, and seemed totally overwhelmed. The other female took over for her, interacting with the baby mice a lot of the time. The males amused themselves in a separate cage, until one (the father of the litter) died an untimely death in a Fisher-Price Tudor house (though it was the result of a tumor). Make of that what you will.


Oh, and I have a giant pot for you! How 'bout I get you a packet or two of seeds to go with it? And drive over some potting soil?

(Nasturtiums are fun -- they grow like crazy, and the flowers are edible!)


I have two rats, and I find them very satisfying pets, for what it's worth. There's actually a rat breeder in the city (which I would totally choose over a pet store -- they have a habit of getting the sex wrong). And I even have a cage for you . . . y'know, if you changed your mind, lol.


"Mommygasm"--awww...lol. I love it when the bayyybies fall asleep on me. Very sweet post.

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