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Monday, May 21, 2007



In my world, any guac I don't have to share is most definitely a success (iff I like it of course). :)


Yes, it counts!

Tip on the avocado: it should start to feel soft, but not mushy. Almost like the inside has a little "give." That's when it's ripe and best for making guac. If it's really firm and hard, it's impossible to mash with a fork. When ripe, a fork works easily. Just cut the avocado in half longways, remove the pit (I usually just poke it with a knife and pull it out) and then use a spoon to scoop out the middle. Wha-la: Avocado 101.

I can't believe Trader Joe's sold a guac kit without fresh cilantro. Shame on them.


OH... I don't think I had any chips here, but I'll eat plain guacamole any minute!! :) It totally counts if there's only you to eat it, that's for sure! I had a friend who was so crazy about it that she'd often make it just for herself :)

Sugar Pixie

I did not try your guacamole, but I feel for you because you had to eat it alone, and I assure you that it was the best guacamole ever made and could win prizes.


The guacamole kit is my new staple item. It is doubly good if you fry up wedges of TJs whole wheat tortillas into hot chips.



I was out.

Buying chips.

There better be leftovers.


Heck yeah it counts.


Another avocado tip from someone who makes guacamole at least once a week: if they're hard when you buy them, put the avocado(s) in a cupboard for a day or two. To speed up the ripening, put them beside an apple in the cupboard. And yes, you absolutely need cilantro to make good guacamole!

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