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Thursday, May 03, 2007



Glad you're still blogging. What would I want to hear about? Well, anything. I'm patient though, no rush. The transition from marriage to single mom and shared custody would be interesting, but I totally understand that you wouldn't want to talk about it in the total wide open, if at all (can typepad do password protect posts?). Would love to hear more about your kids and how they're doing.

You sound like you're doing well, if quiet, and that's good.


I am a long time lurker and have been reading your blog since before your youngest was born.
We have 2 kids about the same ages but I have boys. Iwould love to hear about marriage to single momdom and custody agreements. I am kinds considering that route myself and I am a little scared about it all.

good luck


HaHa...write about anything. Those of us who come back often are going to read what you write because you have a gift for it; not solely for the subject matter.

Who says mothering is mundane? Some of the funniest moments have come about from something my daughter has done. It would be a shame not to write about them!


I'm definately interested in your transition and future thoughts, but I know there are ebbs and flows to blogs. Take care.


Do you think the steady stream of hits I continue to get from your "let's show 'em breastfeeding" photo roundup comes from people with good intentions, or creepy ones? (Not that I care, exactly, but it keeps happening and I keep thinking about it.)


Anything you write, I'll read. I'd love to hear about this new you, and really any part of your life.


I totally understand the grown-out-of-mommyblogging business. I can't wait to see what Wet Feet becomes after you reinvent it. I'm sure it will be great.


What Aurelia and Andrea said.


Wow, what a post...

I especially like this: "I have realized that the thing I'm most afraid of is having the ultimate responsibility for my own life."

I guess many of us do too, I know I do.

All right...
What are some of the aspects of you that your reconnecting with now? Are these related to your personality, with your dreams, your goals in life?

Hmmm, let's see what else. Is this whole transition, transformation, this process, influencing/ interfering in you deal with being a birth mother or not?
(I guess the fact that you did the podcast already points us out in the direction of an answer, but maybe there's more to explore)

Do you think about that "commune" idea?

As for "advice" (I hate advice, I promise I do) or my personal opinion -- I really think that you should write that book, it's sorely needed and you have the right tools (your powerful writing) to do it.

P.S. what Jody wrote also happens to me, but doesn't really bug me that much anymore...


I would like you to post your Grand Plan, so that I may copy off of you.

Thanks for your assistance.

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