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Wednesday, May 23, 2007



That's so funny. We call Annie an Ewok, too.


Hee. Tikotiko!


Some of that baby talk might become family words that last forever, although it's hard to predict what will last.

I will miss my daughter's pronunciation of "taski" for taxi and "popiscle" for popsicle.


My daughter just turned six and while she will still stumble over a tough or new word sometimes, all of her baby talk is completely gone. I love to talk to her on the phone because she mysteriously sounds much younger and her phone voice is so cute. A year ago she still had a few "trouble" spots and I never once corrected her, I really wanted to hang onto those "lello" and the fact that her own name sometimes came out "Webecca." *sniff* A few weeks ago she had trouble saying spaghetti, I'm not sure why since she's said it fine in the past, but she kept say buh-sketti and then getting really mad at herself. I was secretly pleased to hear her sounding so young...

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