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Friday, March 02, 2007



It was HipMama, punk.



And please please please, hurry up with Ariel's cross dressing's dad post, will'ya? Don't forget photos ;)


Oooh, and you know, I bet you're right about the hair. I remember the old remedy for stripping dye was to wash with baby shampoo -- because the ph was high for no-more-tears-ness.

So same thing, I betcha.


I forgot about using baking soda to exfoliate. Honey face masks are wonderful too.

I am so jealous of your babies, they are adorable. Please do not make us wait long to read about Ariel's cross dressing father.....


you may have just changed my life. i am sitting in a cloud of catstink right now, but as soon as i can peel the sleeping nursling from me, i'm bustin' out the baking soda.

and i love the sandbox idea.

it also works great to scrub stainless steel sinks and pots/pans.


I love your blog. I have one at ravenwonder.blogspot.com and I seem to blog about quite similar things (mainly mothering I guess)....some of your posts have been so helpful to me and I love your honesty.

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