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Sunday, January 07, 2007



That Quets case is driving me nuts. That quote has it right--the adoptive parents are the kidnappers.


Oh my god that just makes me sick. It's almost impossible to believe it's just so so wrong!

Jess DelBalzo

Thanks for quoting me, but I'm not Allison's lawyer. She contacted my anti-adoption group when she was being pressured to surrender the twins, that's all. :-)

Mai Lin

The account given at the link above is wrong in a couple areas. Allison Quets is from Florida. That is why the adoption was processed there. She was not "brought" there by evil lawyers because of the state's adoption friendly policies. And she used donor eggs. Those children are no more related to her than to the Needhams. Finally, she's not a 16-year old virgin. She's a 48 year old career professional, quite old enough to make her own decisions, even if they are bad ones in retrospect. She knew what she was signing before she signed it. I feel sorry for her. She's gotten herself in quite a mess.

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