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Tuesday, January 09, 2007



That mostly falls under my field, Physical Anthropology, for the most part. The archaeologists all deal with pots and grave goods and shards of rock. The real action is in Physical, where my friends dig up old sanatorium graveyards filled with syphilitic bones, bones with tuburculosis, brains in jars, fetuses in jars. All kinds of gross things. Oh, and we boil dead monkeys like stock to get to the bones. Lots of archeological sites have open house days where kids can come and learn about the digging as well--these will mostly be in the summer. Check with local museums to see, if she is still interested when the time comes (or your local Uni). Send her on over to our geeky little side of the line, we'd love to have her!


My brother, ages 3-5 wanted to be nothing more than a palientologist. It was the cutest thing.

Of course, at age 2, he wanted to be a fire truck. ;)


My God, could I love her any more?

I used to want to be a physical anthropologist. How COOL.


Naomi is such a character, it's awesome that she is very original in what she wants to be (unlike Kelvin who just said a couple of hours ago that he wants to do exactly what his daddy does and work at the same place).

How interesting that meganann commented and gave you all this precise information. Now you can teach Naomi to say that she wants to be a physical anthropologist (too lazy to think of a funny way for her to pronounce it right now)!! :)


You boil dead monkeys like stock to get to the bones?


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