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Monday, December 11, 2006



Yes. Awesome, needed writing.



Beautiful. Thank you.



superb post. could have written it myself. all too true.

Stephen M (Ethesis)

That was a dose of loss.


Adoption Kool aid..oh I am stealing that one!!! Heck, that goes into the archieves with the WTF moment, and BOB's.

Yea gads, yea!, I remember feeling just OH so special. That I was magnificent..and I NEVER did have self esteem issues agian. Well exept for feeling lousy for giving away my baby....


I never had the adoption kool aid feeling. I was euphoric that I had given birth.

I love the way you write. It's no wonder you have so many people reading your blog.

Your books will be popular too.


Never seen such a soul rippingly honest account. I think I need to start reading you.


I have never seen the reality of adoption loss put so clearly, or made to feel so raw. This post is stunning, and my heart aches for you and what you have suffered.


Devastating. As it ought to be.

Everybody should be reading this. What Sadie said: You're making more of a difference than you will ever know.


Your posts are wonderful, they really are.

You ARE E's mother. A person can have two, and you are her first. You created her, you gave her life, you chose to do what you did, but that doesn't un-make you her mother.

Really, I love your post today. I think it does a service to all women adopting, adopted, and biological families, too. Thanks.

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