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Friday, December 08, 2006


Jo in Utah

You have already given it to her, and she holds it lightly and takes it for granted and that is part of the gift. You gave her life.


"What does she like? What does she want? What will she treasure? I don't know. I don't know."

reading my mind again?

i'll have the server bring some cocktails to The Table


Oh Kateri, such beautiful writing for such a sad situation. FWIW, my 9 year old is totally into crafty things right now. Her bead set and make your own greeting card kit are big hits.


That's actually along the lines of what I was thinking of giving her. something for her to make stuff. i've heard rumors that she's artsy and creative ;)


Siiigh... I'm so sorry, Kateri. So unbelievably sorry.


You know... this post is haunting me... and an incredible example of precisely what my current blog post is about.

I wish there were something I could DO...


I know, I feel like Manuela. Now that I know you, I feel sad every January, really sad and heartbroken for you. Just reading your post and thinking about it brings tears to my eyes. I think Jo in Utah is right -- you gave her the greatest gift, life.


I was just thinking about you and E, wondering how you were doing, knowing her birthday is around the corner.

I think the craft option cannot go wrong.

I would guess whatever letters you're writing to her and not being able to send, all the stuff her a-mom won't tell her, will be the best delayed birthday gift you give her, someday when you can make contact and be honest with her at least.

You're in my thoughts.




Kateri, I've just discovered your blog and your post is so touching. It is heavy, heavy stuff.

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