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Saturday, December 16, 2006



Hello...good morning!

I found this site to have that fingerless glove instructions.

I haven't ventured to glove making...I just graduated making knitted squares for blankets and dishclothes. :)

Good luck!


I like these with some cables-
http://knitty.com/ISSUEsummer06/PATTfetching.html but there are no downsizing for kids directions.

This one is simple, but has kids directions-

Good Luck!


wow, ks, those first ones are really cute. i'm emailing the pattern maker for downsizing instructions...we'll see what she says.


i second ks's suggestion of the cabled knitty ones. knitty projects always come out good for me. the only reason i didn't suggest it is because i have no clue how to downsize patterns. but i think for a kid's glove size (which is usually what i am) about 20-25 stitches should do for casting on. what do you think?

if you do them, i'd love to see the final product. i've only cabled once - like ten years ago. and i'd love to retry.

Meira Voirdire

What an excellent gift idea!

I had no pattern ideas, so I'm glad others had suggestions. However, I can say that the Aurora is one of my very favorite yarns-- soft and springy and usually superwash (who knew that was what the "irrestringable" on the label meant?)

You'll post pictures of them, yes?


Definitely 'Fetching' from Knitty, they are super cute and knit up really quickly. I made a pair for my brother's gf in two evenings and now I want to make myself a pair too. You might need to size them down slightly for a child's hand but since they probably won't need to go much smaller you could just use a slightly smaller needle. Worsted weight is slightly thinner than the recommended aran weight yarn anyway.

This site has a ton of free patterns too:


Kirsty, that's what I'll probably end up doing: I'l use a smaller needle. With my tight guage that will probably be small enough. And if they're a little big, well, she can wear them for a few more years!


hmmm....I'd do the knitty ones and either go down a needle size OR cast on an inche fewer stitches and adjust.

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