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Thursday, September 21, 2006



Wow. What a year indeed. I really enjoy wondering what's going to happen in the following year(s). You're wondering who you'll be next year and I, where we'll be.

I'm glad Naomi had a good time. She'll probably remember this trip for the rest of her life. It may become one of her earliest memories... I've thinking about that a lot since Kelvin turned 4.


Who the hell are you this year T****? I think you've taken a few years off your age since penning "Smoke" in 2004, regarding E turning 14.

What other lies are you telling on this blog?


Uh, wrong number. There's no Terri here.

No offense to Terri (who I know and like) but I am SO not her, and I think it's kinda curious that you can draw that connection. It would be funny if it weren't a symptom of a sick, sick mind.


I don't care if it IS a symptom of a sick, sick mind. I think it's funny as all hell! I'm actually laughing!

Listen, SARAH, I don't know who you think you're fooling with this whole "Kateri" front, but it makes me wonder what other "facts" you've fabricated... oh, wait, you're not Sarah? Then who is? Oh... fuck.

And whoever you wind up being next year, you'll still totally rock! (unless you wind up being Terri)


you are t*** *****. and your adoption is closed because there is a restraining order against you for harassing your daughter's family. and, that happened a couple of years ago, not last year. by my counts, you are 36 yrs old. justice comes in different ways doesn't it?

i send up prayers every day for e and her adoptive mother that they have a bond that no idiot can interfere with.


Oh. My god.

I send up prayers every day, Kateri, that you will stop these lies and just admit that you're a 55 year old man named Dylan. You thought you could get away from your past, but you're wrong, Dylan! The truth will be revealed!


Whatever, Dylan. I know it's you, and I want my Violent Femmes CD back.

Seriously, I hope you're doing okay in your new single mom skin. I'm thinking of you.

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