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Friday, September 08, 2006



Hmmm, that's ambitious and also very cool! I hope you can get a lot of writing done.


This is so exciting! I want to hold your hand too! I love the idea of dashing off a book in one month with a bunch of other nuts who are determined to get it done. Maybe I will join you, although I have never tried to write a novel before. I wonder if I could do a children's chapter book and call it a novel?


Oh, I forgot to mention that I taught The Handmaid's Tale twice. I want to talk about it with you!!

Hey Cloudscome, I think good chapter books deserve to be called "children's novels" why not? If I ever write a book of fiction or even a memoir, it'll be a children's book, that's for sure.


That's awesome! I'd love to do the same thing, but I'm way too much of a slacker. Good Luck!


Oh I "know" some people online who did this last year. Fun stuff! I love the link about taking your work seriously I think that's a great mindset to put yourself in. Now as for writing suggestions well there's the obvious VW's A Room of One's Own which is both feminist and about writing but I'm guessing you've probably read it but should read again because truly it is awesome. Hmm all my stuff is packed up right now which is too bad because nothing else is really coming to mind for me. What are you going to school for in January? Is it midwifery or am I totally spazing?


I too am WAY too much of a slacker for nanowrimo. More power to you, Kateri.

There is a great (but LONG) biography of Simone de Beauvoir that I read and loved a few years ago...I'll try to dig up an Amazon link...

Here ya go:



Oh, also, 'The Writing Life' by Annie Dillard...



Have you read (probably) Running With Scissors? Careful, though - this one reads like fiction.


LOVED running with scissors. You're right, though. it does read like fiction.

I'm definitley going to look into simone de beauvior. i probably won't read the whole book, though.

So far, I have the nano handbook (no plot? no problem!) and Erica Jong's memoir on writing (seducing the demon: writing for my life). I also want to read the book she wrote on Henry Miller.

I have Stephen King's book On Writing that I read a few years ago, and I think I'll pick that one up again. Also, I think it's high time to reread The Artist's Way.


just finished Autobiography of a Face by Lucy Grealy- if you haven't read it, you should, it is really an incredible book.
good luck with nanowrimo- i think it's a fantastic idea!

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