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Monday, September 04, 2006



Woo, boy... someone was actually giving YOU... who has been nursing for FOUR FREAKING YEARS, NONSTOP... crap... about supplementing? Oh, piss off, commenter.

Any boob-milk is good milk. And anything mama needs to do to stay sane, within reason, is ALSO good. There is such a thing as a happy medium, and unfortunately, having a pump hoovering away at one's boobs during one's precious few hours of non-baby time is NOT a sanity-conducive thing.

I am Jul, and I Have Supplemented.

Round is Funny

Not that you need assvice from me, but I've been screwing around with formula as I'm trying to induce lactation and have learned some valuable bits and pieces. We stumbled on goats milk formula recently and it is GOOD stuff - closer to human milk, about the same price, produces (at least for my boy) way less gas than the other stuff, and has no corn syrup. Proportions are at askdrsears.com.

(Stepping off my soapbox now). As for your decision to supplement, a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do to maintain her sanity. So good for you.


Hey man, me too. FuzzyHead was given exclusively breastmilk until she was 6 months. Now she is almost 8 months and I'm at school all day. I pump twice during that school day and I get a paltry tube of breastmilk.

So she gets solids, a little bit of formula, and two ounces of breastmilk while I'm gone. She BFs exclusively from 4pm until 8am and on weekends. I think that's just fine.


Sweet mother of crap, why do some people insist on making breastfeeding an all or nothing proposition all of the time?

Sure, it is great if someone can exclusively breastfeed. And if someone needs or wants to pump then they need the best advice possible. But ANY breastmilk is good for a baby, and if a mother is doing what she can to balance nursing with sanity then she should be left alone. Even if that involves (insert pretend shocked whisper here) formula. Creating guilt about a little formula helps no one.

Good luck finding your balance, Kateri. I wish you immunity from well-intentioned but thoughtless comments.


Wow. Kateri got a drive-by on breastfeeding. KATERI. I think we've all learned something here, although I'm not sure what it is.

Anyway, enjoy your nights off. If you find a formula that doesn't give Miriam teh nasty gas, please recommend. Annie gets formula every now and again when I'm at work (my milk supply is super finicky. Engorged one day, no milk the next.), and every time she turns into the world's stinkiest baby. Mixing with breastmilk seems to help, but hot damn, I had no idea baby farts could be that foul.


I can't believe you even bothered with the formula. I think I'd leave a big stack of Ritz crackers* and wish Josh good luck.

*OK, I wouldn't really. I'm too consumed with the evils of trans-fats to do that. I'd get the health food store Ritz knock-offs instead.

Meira Voirdire

I have not supplemented (since we're announcing these things up front). But since the rumor about LLL is that they say horrible things if you think of supplementing, I think it's kind-of cool that I can now refute those arguments with 'Oh, screw that rumor, I know a LEADER who's supplemented!"

And I wondered if it was the lipase issue -- I have it too, my milk gets super-soapy if it sits in the fridge. But they've taken most of what's come out of the freezer (scalded), so I guess either it's not that bad or they have no taste buds, lol. Were you sad when you figured it out? I was. I had been daydreaming about a freezer stocked with enough milk to last for months, and once I realized about the lipase I just wasn't as enthused to pump. So not "the end of the world!!!" sad, but a little sad.


Enh. If she's eating some solids, I don't see the evils of a few ounces of formula when it is necessary. You're no newbie at this. And the second round of parenting really is different.

Rock, meet hard place.


Hmm I see my post on my screen but not yours so hopefully this doesn't make a double comment. Lurking to see the modified AP post. Found myself unable to go to sleep in the wee hours of the night and came back here to read more and discovered that like me you are also a LLL Leader. The similarities are so striking that when I told my DH about your blog he asked if it was my other personality writing it. Har Dh good one. And now I read of your marital problems and ambivalence with nursing your older child and again I am nodding along. I've got my almost four year old down to nursing only once or twice a week and we're having serious talks about her 4th birthday being the time to close up shop. I never really intended to tandem much less do it for 18 months. Come on I get a ribbon of some kind right? I can quit now without scarring her horribly, right?! Right?!


Is your child eating? Is she eating something? Anything? Yes? Good. End of story.

Have a good time when you can, girl.

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