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Saturday, September 16, 2006



I am sad to read this. Have you noticed there's never a right thing to say to someone going to relationship upheaval?

One can only give an equivalent of a e-hug. (((((((())))))))))).

This new beginning, is still a beginning, so there must be something good in there somewhere.



I am sorry and am "thinking" cyber-hugs in your direction. Divorce is the death of the future you once imagined. Despite everything, it cannot be easy.

Lisa V

I'm here. I am sorry.

Meira Voirdire

It's not the same -- but I remember very clearly a lot of the same feelings when Spouse & I broke up during my pregnancy with Big Kid. Crappy, crappy, crappy stuff. I'm so sorry.


You so clearly capture this time, it makes me feel like I am back three years ago, going through my divorce again. There are no words for how rough it is and yet you seem to have found some. Amazing.


I'd be nervous too if one of my boys went on a plane with anyone else (less nervous than you, of course, since I don't mind flying). I hope the trip goes well and that Naomi enjoys it, that way perhaps you'll feel better about the whole thing. Let us know how it went.


I'm sorry.


Thinking of you.


Yeah I'd be a total basket case to have one of mine that far away and on a plane. Is Josh moving to CA?


I wish you continued strength as you make your way through this.

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