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Monday, September 25, 2006


Lexy Zissu


I'm Lexy, one of The Complete Organic Pregnancy authors. Thanks for the write up! We also hope to write The Complete Organic Baby and The Complete Organic Child.

In the meantime, a lot of parents have been asking us about sippy cups so we thought we'd weigh in here.

In The Complete Organic Pregnancy, we tell pregnant moms not to reuse plastic #1 water bottles as they are made for one use only. Repeated reuse breaks the plastic down, meaning the chemicals in it can get into drinking water (not to mention the bacteria situation). Sippy cups are usually made from plastic #2, #4 and #5 which are generally considered safe(r). If you'd like to avoid plastic altogether, look for sippy cups made out of stainless steel and other substances that won’t leach into water and won’t break or crack when tossed around by a toddler. Or call the manufacturer of your kid’s favorite sippy and find out which plastic it is made of.

Oh and: my favorite color is red.



Thanks, Lexy!


We're pretty happy with the SIGG metal water bottles. The top is a sport top, not a sippy top. But sucking out of a sport top is a life skill, whereas using a sippy top is not, so I was happy to go with it.

Lexy Zissu

I have been using Siggs, too, lately. As far as I've been able to gather the company won't explain exactly what is in them, but they do address all of the issues of leaching. They say the kid-sized ones are for 2 years and up, but my 8 month old daughter already seems to love hers. And the tops and handles are labelled -- plastic #5 (tops)and #2 (handles). The cute designs are a bonus.


Greenfeet.com has stainless steel sippy cups. You can buy them to be adapted with an avent sippy spout (included) or just use them with a sports cap.


I came to read your post after writing mine. Wow, one of the authors responded!!! I wish I'd read earlier 'cause I might have tried to write an even better post, but... I guess it's not that bad. There's a lot that I might have said, but the 3 questions and their answers already took so much space! What do you think of my questions?

Oh, GOODY!! I just remembered that I had one more question to ask. I'll add that in the end and then it may be answered in the comments by the author!!

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wow that interests me much , I always wish to live more with the organic ways

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