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Monday, August 07, 2006



Ever since I bought some Cavaricci's capris in late spring, I've been longing for a perm.

I'm from New Jersey. Big hair should be my birthright.


my WigWams in various colors are still hiding in the back of my sock drawer. and if i look very carefully, i might just have a pair of Jams. or an Esprit shoulder bag. or a pair of Guess overalls. or Treton sneakers. or. or. *sob* i admit, i was a label whore in 9th grade...


This is precisely why I cannot keep a blog.


Blogging block, eh? BTDT. Blame it on the kids.


we must be, like, on the same wavelenght or something. that's what i've been sitting here doing.

my attempts at posts ramble from living in the ghetto to transracial adoption to totally different subjects that don't make sense. and for the life of me i cannot come up with something at all lately. so you get my boobs instead.

and jams? i sewed jams for all my friends when we were finally allowed to wear shorts to our unairconditioned school in the midwest.


What about HyperColor t-shirts? :)


I, too, was at Old Navy this weekend. I'm pretty sure I uttered, "What the fu..." several times. Why? Why is there an eighties comeback? Why? I want it to stop.


Oh no!!! The 80's are coming back!! Noooooo!! I was too young for the skinny jeans last time, but I won't wear then this time around either. No way. But I still have the guess and espirit, as well as palmento (sp?) jeans. I am guilty of pegging in the early 90's....you really think THAT will come back? EEEEK!


I love posts like this. It humanizes these bloggers that I've put on pedestals. Which makes me think they are even cooler, cause their writing is sometimes a struggle (like mine is) instead of naturally flowing out onto the keyboard (as I always imagine it does for everyone else).


You mean, it doesn't just flow out of your fingertips? I'm shocked, Jana. I love your writing.

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