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Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Lisa V

Such cute hair!! Seriously. Very envious.

Yes, vacations for moms mean, pack everything, plan everything and take care of everyone somewhere else. We leave for a week on Thursday, and I am still going to be doing laundry, planning and cooking meals, and overseeing rugrats.

My parents are divorced. I lived through it. I actually saw my mother thrive because of it. Peace and clarity on whatever your decision is.

Lisa V

You should read thumbscrews, young mom that is embarking on a seperation. Wise and witty.



Good luck with Thinking. Hope it is a fruitful time.


a) nice hair! love it.

b) i envy your vacation status

c) a handful of limericks coming soon


LOVE, love, love the haircut! Please post a pic of Naomi's, too.

I envy your space. A lot. I hope it brings you what you need from it.

I'm not "near" Pocono Pines, but it would be a three-ish hour drive. Definitely worth it to meet you in real life.

Hang in there my friend.


Never boring. Ever.


Nice hair (both of you). My parents divorced when I was 7. They both got remarried when I was 13. My mum had another child when I was 13. My sister (now 19) is my best friend. My step-dad is marvellous. My step-mum is a bit of a monster. But 2 wonderful additions to my life compared more than makes up for her shortfalls.

Don't worry about how your children might cope. At 7, I was well aware at how bad the relationship was between my parents and it was a relief that the rowing (both silent ignoring and vocal outbursts) stopped.


Love the haircuts, seriously gorgeous, wish I had such nice straight hair. I flip-flop between dealing with unruly curls or buzzing it all off.

My parents got divorced when I was 2.5 so I never knew any different than sharing houses. My partner's parents stayed together way too long, until she was 12. Long enough for her to remember just wishing they would get a divorce all ready. Long enough for her to see way too much of her father's ridiculous immature behavior and way too much fighting and aggression. I often wonder if she would have reconciled earlier with her father if her parents had divorced sooner, you know?

Mostly I think kids want their parents to be happy and there for them. My mother didn't really want to keep in touch with my father, but she did and kept it civil for the sharing custody.

You never really know how divorce is going to affect your kids either. My partner and I have already been together longer than my parents were married, so I can honestly say it didn't sour either of us on commitment.


hahaha...Your blog is not funny though but it made me laugh because you cut Naomi's hair..It seems that your like a child..

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