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Monday, July 31, 2006



OOOHHH! Nursing a child old enough to ask for it!! Old enough to chew steak! Why didn't I think of that? I certainly have plenty of opportunity to snap that pic...


This kind of thing makes me really nervous to breastfeed. I mean, nervous that I won't be successful. I have this attitude now, like 'I'm going to breastfeed in EVERY public place in the whole county, one by one, and the people who stare or make comments are going to get a special "GO SCREW" message just from me" but at the same time, I know those looks and comments ARE going to affect me, and I can't predict how well I'll take it. I want to think I'll shrug it off, but how hard will it be? Add to that the fact that my fiance is Mormon and very, *very* conservative about nudity-related issues. He is very supportive of my natural birth and parenting plans, yet explains that he's uncomfortable with exposed breasts, be they his wife's or others'.
I don't know, I just wish there were more societal/cultural support for breastfeeding moms. Then I wouldn't be afraid that I can't do it.

Emmie (Better Make It A Double)

OK, I found and posted a picture of me tandem feeding my twins. It looks a little like i have 2 very round and hairy boobs, but oh well.

ernie: most people could care less if you BF in public, in my opinion. I suppose it depends some where you hang out, and people who are nasty about it suck, but you might be surprised at how few people care, or even notice. Good luck!


There aren't words to express the sadness really that someone is "grossed out" by breast feeding.
But there is a picture- yeah it's explicit!


I have a few pictures of breastfeeding Isaac when he was still in the hospital and really tiny, but I don't have a blog so I can't post! They are pretty revelaing, b/c he is so tiny next to my bigger boobs!

The crazy thing about this is that since I am not breastfeeding (really long story, baby in hospital for 3 1/2 months, NO milk supply despite pumping a thousand times per day and taking Reglan, and quitting pumping and initial breastfeeding attempts after 3 months), I worry about getting negative comments for feeding a bottle! I live in a very liberal town, and we take him to the local Farmer's Market every Saturday -- lots of alternative types, hippies, etc. I always imagine what I will do/say if someone tells me I should be breastfeeding!

Of course, I know that people get lots of negativity for breastfeeding in public -- I am a HUGE defender of this and would gladly breastfeed ANYWHERE if I had just been given the opportunity to be able to have that gift . . .

My reaction to the picture on that magazine was that it was a really nice picture of a baby with his mama -- oh well!



Love your post. When Zoee was born I quit breastfeeding her at 4 months, I couldn't handle being in public, I was afraid to get the looks and comments. Now I could care less, Emma has every right to eat where she wants. I don't care anymore. I posted a picture of Emma breastfeeding.


i am just getting all the info, but RIGHT ON, MAMMA!! i have posted a few pics on my blog and i would be proud to have it linked from here! i only wish i had a few of the later breastfeeding years, as those moments were hilarious!

i just hope that as more mammas proudly do what nature has designed (those who can, of course - no judgement for those who cant), the prudes will be outnumbered and their voices wont matter as much.


I showed my 21 month old son the magazine and he said: Baby Drink--He then made slurping sounds. Priceless. I am shocked that people are even making this into a big deal. The magazine is FREE. Do they want their money back too! CRAZY foke I tell you!
Thanks for this post! You and all the ladies who have posted ROCK!

I still b.feed my 21 month old and I get unsolicited comments that I need to wean that boy! WHATEVER!!!! is what I tell them. ;)


Kateri, you can add Rasing WEG to the list if you want to.


Out of the 3 colective years I've nursed, I only have a handful of pics of me doing so? How is that possible? Maybe it says something about it... Maybe it says that I am perfectly comfortable doing it wherever and whenever (and I am. I usually preface it in front of new people with "sorry if I flash you, but she doesn't like to be covered") but I'm not so comfortable being photographed? Hmmm...

I will say that I saw a commercial today for Pampers. It showed a baby of about 2 months old nursing (discreetly) and ended up saying something about how their diets are mostly liquid in the first year yadda yadda. Anyway. It had a picture of a woman nursing on a major ad campaign, is my point (and not for selling breastfeeding as a way to feed your baby). Step in the right direction!

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