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Friday, May 05, 2006


M. (An Elephant's Gestation)

They are SO cute.

Kristin H.

What a couple of cuties! Love the new pics....very spring-y, too!

Meira Voirdire

Too cute!

I'm having issues now that I have more than on child, as well. It seems unfair for me to have pictures of the twins and leave out big kid. I had pictures taken of the three of them and of just the twins for the twins birthday and I feel weird giving out pictures of just the twins. but then the one of the three of them aren't that great. It's just got me conflicted. Even as I think it's a silly thing to devote my mental energy to . . . ;o)


Yeah, it's tough to keep up the "fairness" in picture taking, particularly while the older is moving all the time while the baby stays put, and, later, when the older one can listen to you and stop and look up for a picture, the younger one will be on the move - you'll see how hard it continues to be :)

Great pics, but *I* am lucky enough to know them both in person! :)


Beautiful girls!

I worked through a lot of that equality stuff too a while back. If I was buying the baby new socks, I felt like I should buy my 2 year old socks too, even though she didn't need any. If I bought the two year old a toy I'd hunt for something the baby would be interested in, even though she could care less. I'm through most of it, but still struggle with the idea that I can love both from the depths of my heart without treating them both exactly the same. It's hard.


LOL, that's so true! I've decided that I won't post recognizable face pictures of my kids past walking age, so right now my baby gets the most photos posted, but that won't last much longer.

I do worry about giving them equal blog time, though, and sometimes feel guilty that I often write more about Baby E than about the older girls.

BTW, I found you via Casey.

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