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Tuesday, April 11, 2006



That yarn will work great, I think.

And: hey, I have one of those diapers! It's pretty old but it's great and fits really nicely. In fact, I was going to trace it for a pattern for some more homemades, because heck if I can afford fifteen bucks right now...

Meira Voirdire

Hmm . . . that yarn sounds like brown sheep? In which case, it would definitely work very well. ;o)


Meira: tired to email this to you and it didn't work. Hope you come back.

2 things:

1. it is brown sheep! you're good! Have you ever felted it?

2. this is really eerie: I got your comment just as I finished reading the kitten story (!!!) on your blog. How wierd is it that we were reading each others' blogs at the same time?


I haven't tried those diapers myself.

You might be interested in Fuzzi Bunz; they're fairly trim, as cloth diapers go. They're also very easy to use. Swaddlebees are good, too, and are probably the trimmest cloth diaper around.

I get mine off eBay, which saves a ton. I saved even more by just making my own, which is surprisingly easy (it takes me about an hour to make one, and I am a *very* beginner sewer). I'm sure with two little ones you don't have that kind of extra time right now, but it's something to keep in mind.

Good luck!


These look interesting and they just got an environmentaly friendly stamp...


You can buy a bunch of nice fleece (a yard) at a fabric store and cut it to fit inside the diaper as a liner. That could be a temporary stop gap if you want to by fleece lined dipes. Or you could just use them while using prefolds, once you get the hang of it prefold are fairly trim. What size PF are you using? I found the trimmest dipe to be a bumkins AIO followed by a PF with a snappi clip and a tight wrap. Fleece and wool wraps were much bulkier but cuter.


Hi. I'm not sure I've commented here, but I read allllll the time, but only cloth diapers will bring me out of the commenting closet :)

I reccomend Happy Hienys, or another velcro/aplix closure pocket diaper. If you buy the hemp or microfiber inserts (or buy some fabric and fold up your own) they are very trim. They can, of course, be stuffed with a pre-fold as well, but they're not as trim then. The fleece lining helps the baby feel drier as well. And, with the velcro closure, it's as close to a pamper as you can get.

They're not cheap new, but there are some places with packages (do you know anyone who does NFB? you could host a party and then get a diaper package as your half price -- i'm not associated with them, so this is not self-promotion, just an idea). I got a lot of mine cheap of the MDC trading post.

Kristin H.

Wow, I have been obsessively researching diapers the past few days too! Those look great! I've also heard good things about "Snugglebottoms" in terms of trimness (and they're cheaper, though they don't have snaps and aren't hemp). I might have to try a few of each!


I have been laughing for a while at how much Miriam hates wetness on her "precious butt" because Annie is exactly like that. As soon as she pees, she starts freaking out. She's such a little prissy thing compared to her sister who would rather stew in her own juices for hours than let me change her diaper.

But yeah, good luck with the cloth. I'm still thinking about it.


I can't remember whether I've tried Growing Greens. I think I have, and I think I just thought they were okay. I can't quite remember. I agree, though, that fitted diapers are a much better way to start than with prefolds.

I can't remember how old Miriam is...is she still wearing smalls? I have quite a few that I would be more than happy to send you if you want them. I'd need them back in July when this babe is born but she might be moving up in size by then anyway. At least then you could try a variety and know what fits her well. Unless of course, the idea of used diapers grosses you out, as it does some people.

Let me know if you want them, though, truly. They're just sitting in a drawer and have been for a year now.

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