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Thursday, April 06, 2006



I've been torn about bra-buying. More nursing bras? Go back to regular bras? Wondering if I'll go down a little more when we finally wean? But I really need one or two more and I love that Gap bra. It looks like a "normal" bra.


Have you seen this article?

Oops, no HTML in your comments -- here's the link:


Interesting, I think.

The way a culture changes is when enough people do things differently!


I think I'm ordering this shirt for El P for the summer:



GREAT post! The Gap nursing bra looks great, it might even work for me (I haven't bought one nursing bra in this country, or any bra, for that matter - I have to get mine in Brazil so they fit my small breasts).

I am pretty lucky in a few things (1) I have tiny breasts which consequently show less and (2) I was able to build almost a "wardrobe" of Motherwear tops and dresses since we lived in Western Massachusetts for the first 2 1/2 years of my oldest son's life. I was able get them at deeply discounted prices at the Motherwear Factory Outlet (I once bought a [stained] party dress for 2 bucks! [stains came out]). As a matter of fact, my 2 sons were born roughly a mile from the Motherwear factory :)


Not a Western thing. I am European, and in my country a mother can breastfeed without being reprehended for showing her boob.

Nursing Tank

Thank you for some of the interesting links you have shared here.

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