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Friday, January 13, 2006



Nope, I don't think I'de do it. If it were just the play group thing, than yes, but not in my home exposing issues with my kid. But maybe it would be a good thing for your family.

Kristin H.

Yeah, that's a tough one. The playgroup/mother discussion thing sounds cool. Personally though, it wierds me out to see kids on reality TV shows (like those nanny 911 shows) focused on problem behaviors (even when it IS the parents we are really focusing on). It feels exploitive of the kids, who I don't feel are able to comprehend what they are actually participating in. Having been a teacher, I can too easily see kids teasing other kids about "being a bad kid" on TV. Not that thats very likely, or even a big issue necessarily (they'd probably just be impressed they were on TV!). Don't get me wrong, though, I do love a good reality show, when its adults who know what they're getting themselves into!


I wouldn't. Even if I wasn't judging, how many would be judging me when the episode aired? The wallflower in me shrieks at that thought.

And I'll lurk if I want to. =oP


I think it sounds great! (Although I also agree with the other posters on their points). Naomi is young enough that I don't think her peers are watching, and if it's done well (hopefully it would be) it would be helpful to other parents. If she was older then it wouldn't be a good idea for the reasons the others list. You sound like a good parent so I doubt you'd embarrass yourself.

Although sometimes I wonder if the kids, whether behaving badly or well, are being their true "family" selves on these shows? The babysitter in me doubts it! :-)


oh, i don't know. i thought once it would be interesting to do one of those shows, but now i don't know. i can't handle that kind of scruitiny and criticism...

but you definitely should if you want to. i'd watch you!


Happy delurking week!


I'm a lurker here. :-)
As for the show, I would be wary simply because of the exploitative nature of many reality shows (i.e. I would wonder if there was a hidden twist - so many of these shows seem to rely on mocking the participants or their reaction to some unexpected event) but A Baby Story etc seem pretty straightforward so likely my doubts are misplaced. I dunno - it could be cool.

How's the littlest person doing?? Some lurkers want updates!

Beanie Baby

Hello! *waving*

I'd never go it. Ohmygod. Be on television? Never.


I guess de-lurking week is technically over, but I'm late for EVERYTHING.



Oh, I think you should do it! Just think, if you don't, they'll find some mainstream mom who will be the opposite of everything you believe in. No pressure, though. ;-)

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