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Saturday, January 14, 2006


Lisa V

Sometimes at the end of the day, especially in summer, my kids will come in and sit on my lap. I smell their sweaty little heads and say " You must have had fun today, you stink." Then I promptly send them off to the shower. I like shampoo, I used to be a hairdresser! But I also like the sweaty little kid smell.


I secretly tell my husband that Noah is my crack because holding him is so addictive. I just love holding him and smelling him and feeling his warm body next to mine. Endorphins are the best drug in the whole world.

Ms. Mom

We have a running joke in my family that we're going to sniff my son out so that there is nothing left to sniff.

Horror of horrors, more than two inches? :)

Crazy Mom

I'm glad I'm not the only one sniffing my kidlets! I guess as long as I refrain from sniffing their butts I'm not as insane as I thought I was! Good to know I have company in my head-sniffing. (Toes smell good too!)


So, I don't need to use soap on him? Wow. I learn so much here!

Shannon (Sentimental)

I am totally a kid sniffer. I love the smell of my baby girls. Delurking here as well as an avid reader. :) Keep it up Momma!


Siiggh... nothing wrenches my heart like baby smell... and I mean BABY smell... not baby PRODUCT smell...

What IS that smell anyway???


I don't think you were a bad mommy for not washing Miriam. I didn't even let them rinse V. off after her birth. And you know what...I give her a bath about once a month even now (6 months later). Her skin has always been super soft, never had cradle cap and she always smells delicious. Bathing is way overrated (except for lovely splashing time with mama and sisters) and baby smell is pretty amazing.


We rarely bathed our babies--and the kids are always pretty clean--and I love the smell of their hair, too!


ooohhh.. I do the head-smell thing too. Just today I caught myself, eyes closed over my kid's head at a crowded rec center. I'm sure there were other people there who thought I was a little weird!

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