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Tuesday, December 06, 2005



well, you know how to get me. i'll be right down the street.


Something spicy, or eggplant parm? Or schedule waaaaay too many things to do that are hard to cancel?

HUGS and still checking :)


Checking all the way from Brazil, and wishing you all the best!

Last year it was the same with me, I went to the mall, I climbed tons of stairs, I kept doing things, but Linton only came on the day his paternal grandparents (who'd been at our house for 2 weeks waiting for the birth) left for his uncle┬┤s wedding. They were driving to the airport, and I was being driven to the hospital - unbelievable!


Hmm... no post yet today. Could it be?
*holds breath in anticipation*


I know, I keep checking back in... no news is good news?

Sean Mc.

this is Kateri's brother, Sean. She gave birth to a completely healthy, 7-5 baby girl at 11:40 this morning, 100 percent naturally (the sounds that were coming out of that room were from some other world, however). The baby's name is Miriam Rose, but Naomi insists on calling her Maryah (sp?). The delivery was tough, as MR came out head-first but facing the wrong direction, with one arm above her head. So Kate has a little extra bleeding, but she and both daughters should be at home tomorrow morning at the latest. She went into full-on labor at about midnight, went to the hospital at 2 and the birthing suite at 7. I believe she pushed for about 40 minutes.


Oh Yah! That's wonderful! Congratulations Kateri. And I hope though you were in the hospital that it was still a great experience.


OH WOW, my OCD refreshing totally paid off! Wow, Kateri, wow! I am thrilled for you and your family. I got giant tears of joy in my eyes reading that. Congratulations!


Congrats Kateri and family! i'm so thrilled for you all...


Congrats! I thought when we didn't hear anything from you that you had gone into labor. I'm so happy for you and I love the name Miriam... Mim :)

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