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Saturday, December 03, 2005



Hey, on the pee stick theme, did you know a version of this for hospital use exists? :-) It's called "fetal fibronectin" or something close to that, and don't worry about rushing out to buy some- they're around $100 a pop (and look just like a preg test!) and you need a special machine to process them, but they do use them in hospitals (and remote clinics like where I work) to decide if a woman is in premature labour or not. It looks for a protien that the body excretes as it is going in to labour, and if it comes up negative then you have a week or so to go at least. I'll bet they are working on a home version right now as just one more lucrative venture to further sponge that captive preggo and wannabe-preggo market! :-D

Hmmm, almost makes me want to run off to the stock market and try to invest in it...

Hope kiddo hangs in there until the birth center reopens, and not a second longer!


clarification on my above post- it doesn't measure the protien in your pee however but in your vaginal secretions (just for accuracy's sake!)


Ok, you are the second person on my labor watch right now! Those darn babies are really taking their time!!!!!


I'll keep checking in. I know grouchiness is an early pre-labor sign (at least for me it was) :) Hugs to you!


You know what your best test is? Naomi. She'll just know (whether she says something is another story lol). Katie told me the night before Max was born (and we hadn't talked about it) just out of the blue that the baby was coming tomorrow and he did. I on the other hand had no clue. It's amazing what they can pick up on.


Kateri, I know just how you feel. Good luck with the wait! I've been lurking all this time, but my due date is just a few days before yours and I'm in the grumpy wait too. *Sigh* This is my first though and I soo should have taken your advice and not had the internals. You sound closer than me, so hurry up and have that little one [during the next mw staff hours of course!]

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