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Saturday, December 10, 2005



Oh, kateri... I'm so happy and excited for you!! And THANK you so much for posting and sharing these early experiences with all of us! I feel so honoured to be reading these posts... and so moved.


LOL on the drugs for the pelvic--only because I want drugs for that and not for birth :)

Yay, that the milk is in. Good job with Miriam!

Kristin H.

Yay! Thanks for the update. Ha, funny about the drugs and such. Glad everything turned out well. Go Miriam!


oh, yay for milk! and yay for some nubain...heh.


I had similar feelings after my first homebirth. It was empowering, heck yeah, but traumatizing too. I didn't expect it to hurt so darn much when I'd done everything "right" in preparing. I didn't expect to lose it during transition. I came away from that proud of myself and secretly thinking "THIS is what everyone was talking about?! I am never doing THAT again." But here I am a few births later and I keep doing it. Sometimes I wonder why but I keep doing it natural.

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