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Wednesday, November 23, 2005



i think you'll have a boy on december 6. hehe....


OK, time to delurk. I am such a lurker and I read your blog and I know you understand about lurking. So I will type fast and hit send before I become a lurker again.

Anyway, I am also pregnant and not too far behind you (32 weeks today). I was GBS + with the first baby and did a hospital birth and all that. I got tested earlier this time and was GBS +. I'm doing a homebirth and we are retesting again at 34 weeks and if I am still positive (she has me on a holistic treatment plan for the GBS that involves mega flora and garlic and some other stuff), I am going to do IM shots of antibiotics.

She says those are more effective, or at least that some research shows that to be more effective. I'm not sure if you have to do it a certain time before labor or what, though.

Anyway, I don't know if they would do that or if it's an option for you or if you are interested in it, etc. I just thought I'd mention it because it would allow you to labor at home for longer AND to not be hooked up to an IV at the birth center.

OK, that's all for now. Back to lurking. :)



I'm sorry about the GBS, and I offer you good vibes for the rest of the pregnancy and labor!


With the twins I broke down and had my cervix checked in early labor. I was a 7 and incredibly psyched. My midwife told me she was afraid my water would break on the way home. I know you can imagine my dismay when 8 HOURS LATER I had still not had this baby. I wish now I'd not had that information and the accompanying expectations.

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