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Thursday, October 13, 2005



Oh Kateri :( I'm sad right along with you.


Oh, no... not on your birthday! This is inexpressibly sad, I don't even know what to say.


I am so sorry. I have a hard time fathoming the thinking behind that letter.


Happy Birthday. I'm so sorry about the letter, and the timing. That really stinks. Especially when you thought your relationship with them was one thing and it's really another. That's gotta hurt. :(


I am so sorry. I am furious on your behalf and on the children's behalf. I wish, too, that it hasn't come on your birthday but I wish even more that I could have a word or two (or three) with E's parents.


Kateri, I'm really, really sorry. This is so wrong, on so many different levels.


I'm so sorry. I'm devastated on your behalf.

Kristin H.

I am so sorry, and sad for your loss and your children's. It seems so very wrong for them to do what they are doing -- & it burns me up!


Sad, sad, sad. I can't help but imagine the amazing potential relationship that E. and Naomi could have, and she seems to not understand that at all. Well, actually it seems more like she is absolutely terrified of that possibility. I can't imagine why. Why wouldn't that be good for BOTH of them? I feel like she's setting herself up for future resentment from E. by keeping this information and this person from her. If I found out as an adult that I had siblings that my parents didn't tell me about or didn't allow me to have contact with, I know I would be fascinated by those siblings and completely drawn to them and to finding out about them.

I wonder if she is so hurt by her son not being happy right now and not liking being adopted that she is trying to keep E. from you guys to protect herself. Like if E. spent time with you guys and really liked it, then she would feel like both of her children were unhappy being adopted and maybe she couldn't stand that.

Okay, sorry. No more armchair psychologist of a situation I know very little about. I just feel for you, and wish that there was a way to think through this issue and find the solution. Happy Birthday anyway! And buy yourself that gorgeous bag!


Sorry, just wanted to add that I can't help but notice the stark turnaround from your earlier phone call versus the letter. When you called, you caught her off guard and she was more candid, admitting that things had changed (and then providing a litany of excuses as to why), but still she seemed to know what you meant. Now she's saying that they followed the agreement to the letter and doesn't know why you're dissatisfied. Classic ass-covering behavior.

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