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Friday, September 23, 2005



NOTE: I only read the article, not your post yet, but I have to react quickly before my anger fades a bit.

I'm SO, SO, MAD that I feel like crying, screaming and tearing my hair all at the same time. I'd go right now do a nurse-in with you and whoever else agreed, in front of this woman's office. Well, please let me know if you decide to take some "local action", OK?


(and I forgot to add that I'm actually trembling with anger, I can hardly type!)


It makes me so furiuos to read shit like that (oh, can I cuss in your comments?). If I hear one more ignorant ass say that breastfeeding is like urinating, I swear my freakin head will EXPLODE. My poor boyfriend had the misfortune to call me right as I finished that article and had to listen to me bitch for several minutes in a very loud voice.


Wow. That woman has some serious issues.

I think she's just confused about the proper uses of various rooms. Maybe the best way to deal with this is to post signs detailing the proper use of bathrooms so that no one confuses a toilet with a rocking chair or kitchen stool. I mean, I would be pretty annoyed if I had to wait to pee just because this crazy chick was using the stall to make a quick pb&j. It makes me wonder about the layout of her home.


There was a motion in Chandler, AZ (thankfully it died) to make public breastfeeding illegal. No joke - they were going to arrest women for criminal trespass.


It wasn't so much that she is against BF in public, it was more the tone of her letter. Everyone has thei opinions and I admire that All I kept thinking is what a b*tch! As a lawyer you would think she knew better than to suggest we go to the bathroom to feed our kids. I am still BF my soon to be 1 year old and have decided not to wean anytime soon. I have BF in public, however I do try to be very discreet. It's more for my comfort than anyone elses. No one has ever objected or made me feel like I was doing something wrong. The one thing I am very proud of is not hiding away from my teenage son when I bf the baby. My son is so comfortable with my feeding his brother and I know he will carry the knowledge into adulthood that BF is healthy and normal and shouldn't be restricted to a bathroom.


I breastfeed in public whenever possible. At times I do feel uncomfortable, but I figure I'm doing everyone around me a favor by normalizing the act.



Well, I suppose I will have no choice but to be a walking nurse-in, wherever I go. Despite my fondest hopes, no one has said boo to me -- in fact, all I've gotten are nice comments, and one woman offered to go get me a drink while I nursed.

So maybe the good people of the region outnumber the people who don't understand the difference between elimination and lactation?

But what do I know. I'm just a human Playtex nurser! (Dude, seriously! This woman is a lawyer, yet has no grasp of logic...)


Also! I am going to call you... I have something for you!

Lisa V

Okay, I haven't nursed in 5 years, I don't even live in the same part of the country. This just pisses me off though. What a nut.

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