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Sunday, July 03, 2005



I am so sorry that there are jerks out there who will go to incredible lengths to mess with someone's head. You--all people--deserve better. Ban away! No one needs to be treated poorly. HUGS!


You know... I truly suspected that a few of those comments were written by the same person. Something about the bile-inducing tone was very familiar...

As you mentioned in one of your first posts... you'll know you've arrived when you get your first troll. I guess that means you're famous!

Thanks again for sharing your incredible story...

Lisa V

Good for you Kateri. As an adoptive mom, I have to say the only way we can continue to make progress in adoption for it to be fair, loving and ethical is if we listen to all voices in the triad. Even the ones that are hard to hear. I am interested in everything you have to say, and glad you have a place to say it.


Ban Roll-On for Trolls. Sometimes it is the only answer...


My god. kateri, I am so sorry for all this crap that troll has been flinging your way. What is wrong with people?

Congrats to you on sticking to your guns and telling your truth no matter what.


People can be such shits. Sorry this is happening to you.
How do you trace from in IP? I had something on my blog I'd like to ban.


I have read through your archives, and I think that you are an amazing woman who is coping with one of (if not the) hardest choice a woman can make. It makes so much sense for it to impact you and for you to be infuriated by the lack of interest/attention and shame that is placed upon being a birthmother.

I think sometimes about adopting, and it boggles my mind how a birthmother would about making a decision--reading all of those saccharine profiles and seeing pictures of these people's pets as they vie for the child you carry. It does seem dark and difficult in a way that I cannot contemplate as someone who has never been on either side of the equation.

Having C not be honest with you, and seeming to secretly wish you would go away--and living in fear of you I am sure, is difficult too. That is what I got from your posts about her, that she is unable to come to grips with the reality of open adoption in your situation.

I am amazed by your resiliency. You sound like a great parent who is supportive of other women as mothers.

I think it is sad that the troll who latched onto you couldn't respect the viewpoint that you are coming from, you represent the thing that she is most afraid of: a birthmother educating others about the less than angelic aspects of the process.

Please don't let her get to you--she obviously has her own issues that go way beyond you.

And keep up the Naomi and Newbie stories, they are great!


Well, nasty troll, you gonna apologize or shall I start posting names, addresses, phone numbers and a global satellite view to your home?

Kateri, thank you for posting your brave words. If it makes a couple self righteous fucks uncomfortable with the fact that adoption is not all rainbows and happy endings, well then, good.

You are speaking from a faction that is typically silenced, and I am grateful you have given your perspective. You are a beautiful writer.

As for Miss Reston, VA, well, unless she emails you an apology, I am tempted to go Public info on her ass and let people drive by and see just how good a parent she is,


I guess you could look on the bright side: Your own personal troll means you've arrived on the internet!

Those were some pretty shity comments that little troll made.
Keep being honest--it is what makes your posts so good.


Cathy, that IP traces back to Tampa, FL, on a Verizon DSL line.

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