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Wednesday, July 13, 2005



I heard a talk (well, several) given by Katherine Dettwyler several months ago about the breastfeeding literature in common usage. It was rather frightening. In example after example, they showed the formula-feeding mother with a wedding ring, fully dressed, and often with a husband while the breastfeeding mother in the same pamphlet would be in a nightgown (or looking naked with bare shoulders), without a wedding ring, and up in the middle of the night. It's really insidious.


Dude, you should go to my midwives' office. All they have is twenty years' worth of Mothering.

Seriously, it's scary, the huge volume of misinformation out there, and the consequences thereof. Scary and infuriating.



TRUE TRUE TRUE! I'm glad you are putting this out there. I was lucky to get this advice, and I think everyone deserves it.

As for "why does formula feeding get twice the column space that breastfeeding does?" Until the companies figure out how to make money off of breast (for food), that will never change. But some women do sell their milk....

Anyway, thanks for helping others with your blog.


I just wanted to say, I love your blog. I recently found it and so this is my first comment. Also wanted to give you *some* encouragement as I'm a first-time expecting mom and we're not all as uninformed. Honestly, I don't understand how anyone could be if they know ahead of time that they want to be breastfeeding. Doesn't everyone know about LLL? Maybe I'm just lucky? Guess so.

Anyway, don't give up. I'm sure you'll actually be able to help LOTS of people as a leader.

P.S.--I'm due Dec. 10, so can't wait to follow your progress along with mine!


As an adoptive mom to-be I can tell you there is not a lot of information out there for adoptive moms to learn they can nurse. Luckily I've been doing my homework and if I am not pregnant this cylce I will start the protocol to induce lactation for our baby due end of November. I am so excited about being able to breastfeed!


So I'm curious - what kind of emergency would you need a pump for? And what kind of pump - Medela?


Although I'm nowhere near the stage of breastfeeding as I'm still trying to get pregnant... this post was very helpful... I'll be sure to track down a LLL when the time comes!


The reason that there is so little helpful articles on breastfeeding and so many great ones on why you should bottle feed is because the advertisers are the formula companies. When I was pregnant I filled out all those little free baby gift cards and received several bottles of formula. I was fortunate to have a breastfeeding clinic open 7 days a week where I live or I likely would have thrown in the towel very early on.
What it comes down to is it is nearly impossible to compete with big business.


You know, I breastfed both of my daughters but I always felt that I could've been "better" at it. I'm very pleased that, especially as a working mom, I worked hard to breasfeed the girls...but BOY DO I WISH HAD YOU ON 'MY' SIDE BACK THEN!!!


Man oh man, even with lots of pro-breastfeeding info, I spent the first 2 months thinking I must be doing something wrong if the baby was sucking as much as he did. I kept at it, since I really enjoyed it and had the housekeeping/sleeping support necessary to pull it off, but honestly I've never seen even ONE bf resource that honestly addresses how much time you will *really* be spending at this. Even the best books really only talk in detail about the first couple of weeks, and I was disappointed in how poorly organized the LLL materials generally are. The people of the LLL are great, but "The Womanly Art?" Difficult and lumpy. I'm glad you're telling the truth and I hope more nursing mothers find the hotlines when there's still time to help!

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