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Wednesday, April 13, 2005



I love the name Milo. (sigh) It was on our short list for Noah but we had a cat named Milo and my brother said if we named the baby Milo, he would tell him that not only did we name him after a cat, but we named him after a cat we gave away when we moved to Portland.

Good luck on the nursing through pregnancy! I hear the book Tandem Nursing is very very good and perhaps it will be inspirational and help you both get through the tough spots!!!


Wow, nursing while pregnant. I would have done that if my son didn't wean himself (at 21 months) and if I was pregnant, which I'm not. I really miss it though and totally support your generous decision. Just wonder if your family gives you a hard time... not that it's any of their business, but family does like to "make gentle suggestions" about things. You go girl!


K weaned while i was pregnant. I didn't think she would because she was nursing many times throughout the day before i got pregnant. my nipples got very sore in the beginning too, and it didn't bother me nearly as much as when they stopped hurting. then i got this weird sensation everytime i nursed that made me want to throw up and/or throw K across the room. even if she'd just latched on. i had to limit the length of nursing sessions and even then i was counting the seconds. i was so happy when she weaned and actually didn't miss it. i'd thought i'd be more sentimental when she finally weaned but i didn't even realize it until about a week had gone by and she hadn't nursed and it just hit me. and i was happy to not have anyone (that includes g-haha) sucking on my breasts for those 2-3 months.

and nursing this time around has been sooooo easy. i can't believe it! we had so many issues/problems with K. i didn't think we'd ever reach even 6 months nursing her (but of course i'm stubborn as hell lol) but sometime around 5-6 months things finally fell into place. this time it's been smooth sailing from the get go. he doesn't have the most perfect textbook latch, in fact it's pretty lazy, but i only had minimal pain in the beginning and nothing since.

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