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Tuesday, May 20, 2008



What a wonderful post!! Too often we forget how good we have it because maybe one or two things we "need" isn't falling into place!


(Though lately I've been wondering what you're googling unwisely...care to shed some light?)


YES, great post! I hope so too.


hi guys!

i've been googling health inoformation, is that ever a good idea?? now i've convinced myself i have lymphoma.


I hear what you are saying.

Also, as an American I was raised with, "if you don't eat, we'll send your food to starving children in Africa" and I caught myself saying that to my step-daughters...who actually live in Africa.


I had lymphoma a month or so ago. It miraculously cleared up with antibiotics.

midlife mommy

I plan to do the same with my very spoiled daughter.


I remember explaining to my children that compared to the WORLD's population we were quite wealthy when their materiality didn't meet up with their peers. Now my 23 yo daughter is teaching me lessons on avoiding sweat shops and unnecessary consumption. It's just lovely when they're able to return our lessons to us.

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