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Thursday, May 15, 2008



I am absolutely, utterly awful at the routine/consistency, too. However, bear in mind that if it adversely affected any of our kids that badly, we'd change... it's just that rigidity isn't that necessary when you happen to have been blessed with littles who aren't uber-sensitive to flux.

My strengths? Definitely not bedtime before 10 PM or lots of leafy greens. I guess my major ones are respect (for my kid) and kindness. I respect that he's a person, too... that he has preferences that aren't superceded by mine just because I'm capable of being a dictator. I let him choose how we walk home. And - if nothing else - I try each and every day to be kind. Don't always succeed, but trying's more than a lot of parents do (checkout line at the Penn's Landing Wal-Mart, I'm lookin' at you).


Great post/meme. I agree that it's easier to self-criticize than self-congratulate ourselves as mothers, so this kind of approach is really important. I'm also REALLY BAD at the consistency and routine part, but I'm very loving, and I talk with the boys a lot about everything. I guess I'm not terrible at healthful eating and other health things.


Yay! Thanks for playing along, Kateri, I was afraid no one would do it. :)

What's the connection between protein and sweets? (pardon the dumb, please)


I just wanted to say that I'm glad you're back (you were gone for a while, right??), and although I'm sure I've said it before I'll say it again - you are WISE beyond your years.

Have you read A Woman's Worth?

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