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Friday, April 18, 2008



Ah reading.

I used to read ALL THE TIME, too.

However...the babies stole my brain. Especially the little boob-sucking one. I suspect he's the one doing most of the stealing. Through that boob.

The little booger, anyway.


That sounds awesome! I lurve reading, and there's so much less time to do it these days...


Dude, you know they made a television show from that book, yes? It is my new favorite show, totally guilty pleasure, because the Dexter? He is H-O-T. And tries to be a good person, even though he is a serial killer. Totally twisted. In fact, it's supposed to be on right now, but was pre-empted by a poignant television movie with Marlee Matlin and Jeff Daniels. Meh.

bears mommy

I miss reading! I was doing it again for a couple months and then I got too ambitious. I have quite a few books started that are like 1-3 on the scale (Plato, Dante, Tolstoy). Maybe I should go back to the trashy stuff because I can always devour that! The question is do I feel better watching educational cable or do I feel better reading trashy books?

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