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Wednesday, April 16, 2008



LOL...I tried to resist crackbook, too, but I couldn't. I was lured by the gossip aspect of it all..what ARE all those people I went to HS doing? Who's still partying and who's grown up?

FUN. :)


jess, i think i might have eaten you on oregon trail. sorry about that! before i figured out how to hunt (it took an embarrassingly long time for me to figure out that i had to hit something more than once in order to kill it) i was eating people as soon as they got sick ;)


Ha, how interesting. I don't much care for facebook, but recently friends started getting in touch, people congratulating on my defense and whatnot after I updated my status (I hardly ever do), and I think it's kinda fun. OH yeah, and I was quite SCARED to google my own name a couple of days ago and the FIRST result is facebook!! (it doesn't display my profile, but still!!!)

As a Brazilian, though, I use orkut more often -- people from my CHILDHOOD, from 25 years ago have found me there!! And I love it. It's much sleeker and cleaner than both myspace and facebook. But you'll only find Brazilians there... ;-)

Are we friends in facebook? I hope so ;-) (I think we are, but my brain is mushy from after-defense effects and I can't remember anything)

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