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Wednesday, February 27, 2008



Hey, thanks for the shout out!! ;)


I don't know why motherhood is for older people in the US today. Too much emphasis on the superficial...people's goals are all screwed up nowadays, imo. What's WRONG with wanting to be a mother as your primary goal? Or wanting that young? I've wanted to be a mom since I was a kid myself.

As a tangent, I'll say that I encounter this stigma in a whole other way. When, at 21, my husband and I couldn't get pregnant, it wasn't "I'm sorry" mostly, it was "enjoy it while you're young, you don't want a baby anyway." or "why the rush? You're so young!" And now, I get looks with the two of them. The other day at the doctor a male nurse actually asked "don't you know how to turn that machine off?"

I was like..well...actually, I don't know how to turn it ON. :)


I think a lot of the emphasis on delaying childbearing has to do with the notion of parenthood as a class priviledge -- you aren't supposed to do it unless you have acumulated a certain amount of money, education, and material goods, and adequate acumulation is taking a longer and longer time for many of us these days. Have children before this (arbitrary) point, and you're an irresponsible person whose children will inevitably suffer and/or become delinquent (perhaps even Communists! Oh wait, the Cold War is over -- they'll become Terrorists instead). Possibly your illegitimate family will even require public assistance, which everyone knows is a tool of Satan designed to destroy this great nation from the inside out.


Social eugenics, anyone? Now that we're not supposed to believe in things like "bad genes" anymore, I feel like we're substituting economics and basing our perception of good parenting on measurables like being able to afford private school. No offense meant to private school itself - it's just a handy marker, esp. when our country seems determined to ignore the need for public-school revitalization. Perhaps basing funding in something other than property taxes would be a good place to start?


Excellent comment, Lula! You guys (or maybe I should say you girls?) are so articulated that don't even know what to say (either in my own comment section or here), except that I agree.

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