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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Llama Momma

Thank you for speaking out.

I read through the Tribune comments the other day, and it made me sick. Physically sick.


Yes, you must NOT let the silence continue. I'm glad you're speaking out!


Yeah. Agreed. People give clout to the media portrayal of everything else....why not this?

Even a simple afterword with Juno telling how life has been after relinquishment and how things have been hard....that would have made it better. I didn't like how they ended with them singing and happy and giddy. Maybe it would have been a little more realistic if Juno had ended where they were in the hospital.

I mean....CAN there be happiness after relinquishment? I believe there can be, though I don't have personal experience. But is it one of the life events that change and shape you (sometimes good, sometimes bad) forever? Yep. That, too.

Just becoming pregnant changes you. Just giving birth changes you. Parenting changes you. Adopting changes you. Infertility, relinquishment....they're all enormous and shouldn't be taken lightly.


Sure there can be happiness after relinquishment. That doesn't mean there isn't also lasting sadness. Am I daily happy with the life I have? Sure. Does that mean I do not _frequently_ have sadness related to my relinquishment? No. I haven't seen the movie I'm afraid I would be too upset but yes maybe ending it in the hospital leaving questions unanswered would have been more realistic. Honesly having her happy and giddy soon afterwards is probably somewhat realistic as well. What's left though is how she feels months later or years later. That's what they're leaving out.


They also leave out her sleeping and going to the bathroom and the everyday rigors of school. It IS just a movie. I agree that an afterword would have improved this movie, but I do not believe that a bunch of teens are going to hand over surprise babies. Just like many non-smokers have seen bunches of movies where people smoke and ahve not taken it up, it's possible to see this movie as simply entertainment.


mcc, if this discussion bothers you, there is a little red X in the corner of your browser. click it, please. i'd hate to stand between you and your entertainment.


I've talked about this. At length. And no one gives a rip.

If we were dismissing the experience of any other niche group or minority, the world would be up in arms. But because we're a bunch of good-for-nothing sinners who couldn't keep our legs closed, well, we deserve to be misrepresented.

Dontcha know?


"I do not believe that a bunch of teens are going to hand over surprise babies."

Okay. Let's say that not a single young woman bases her decision to relinquish on this movie even partially. There are still other opinions at stake. Adoptive parents and potential adoptive parents come to mind.

And maybe even more harmful than that, it sends a powerful message to the general population: Adoption is a non-issue and first moms don't want rights, anyway. Nothing to see here. Move along.

[Full disclosure: I haven't seen the movie. I don't intend to.]


So I went ahead and wrote this looong post citing you and your posts a lot. I'm not famous or anything, so nothing will come of it (meaning, big bloggy discussion, trolls, whatever), but I hope you enjoy reading it. :)

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