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Tuesday, October 09, 2007



I'd go brown or black with your birthday coming up. Safer, like you said.

But then, I'm a big pansy.

And as a big pansy myself, secretly dying to have you take pics of your hair these colors. My brother in law once dyed his hair REALLY red and it was crazy. I could never do anything like that.

Yes, I know. Pansy.


hey kateri,

as a former leader, i have a full library (some even several copies of). i'm done having babies and would love to send my books for you or the book drive.




I thought your hair looked good when I saw you last week, but I am intrigued by the fuschia.... Maybe save the black for when you are paler and it's no longer summer in Philly (when will that happen? November?).

It's very sad, but I have never heard of Liquid Charm. I wonder if I can sneak away from the family this weekend?


Brown sounds good, but I am a "safe" type too. That's very cool about helping the clinic.


I'd go with blue again. You like it, and it will be fun to look at the pictures of you at 30 in 30 years and get a giggle at the blue hair. Your grandkids will love it.

Regarding books - what kind of books? Just childcare books? Or any kind of book at all?


specifically breastfeeding books, but they could use all kinds of childcare books.


I say fuschia, but only because I don't have the guts to do it myself. :)

Do they need kid's books, too? I have several that Maddy has outgrown (in like new condition, since she doesn't read them ~ I read them to her when she'll sit still long enough!) that I could send along.


I like the cherry red. A lot. My daughter has fuschia tips though and it does look pretty cool.


I vote fuschia. I am also way too far on the safe side, and I vicariously live my hair dreams through other people.


I think your hair will be great no matter what you do!

(OK, that was a complete slug response, but I felt I should address the hair issue.)

Happy Birthday!

And I suspect I can find some books for you . . .

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