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Thursday, October 04, 2007



Yes, yes. This is so it: "It becomes her story."

I feel like it's been rather vague--making decisions with this future person in mind as well as the baby in front of me, but all of sudden he's not a baby anymore, and I see that this is a person truly witnessing my decisions and behavior. They're so much more literally a part of him now.

It's pressure, too, to think that how I treat him dictates so much of how he'll treat others--and possibly his own children. It's all so real, lasting, and . . . kind of scary.

(I'm worried about my own "tooth fairy episodes," too.)


I have cages, if you need one *free*.
Also, there is a rat breeder in Center City. They are $25 rats instead of $6 rats, if you're into that.


$25 rats? Good sakes people, $25??? I guess I'll have to confess to knowing NOTHING about rats at all. :)

Nobody's a perfect parent. Don't worry about that. Everyone has a tooth fairy episode. Your girls will be just fine!!

Happy Birthday Naomi!!


I had rats when I was a girl! Just make sure (very sure) that you get two boys or two girls! Ha ha! And also? Make sure you don't accidentally get a pregnant rat. It has happened (ahem). That's how I ended up with, at my peak, about 60 rats in my upstairs bedroom. Oh, I loved them, and I was thrilled to watch the miracle of birth, but as a little kid, I wasn't really the most responsible owner.

My dad egged me on, telling me about Mendelian genetics and all. I started with some white and added some brown, and what do you know? I ended up with hooded rat pups. Unfortunately, I also had at least one litter that had congenital cateracts. What did I know about inbreeding?

Assuming you don't want to encourage Naomi in that direction, maybe a couple of boy rats would be best. Of course, they have massive testicles, but such sweet personalities.

Girls have more attitude, don't you know. On the other hand, I had some wonderful girl rats, and their litter smells better, too. I take it back, get girls.

You must post pictures when you get them. They are such sweet pets.


Naomi will have SO MUCH fun. Rats ROCK! says this longtime rat owner.

You may want to think a bit about girls vs. boys (that is if you haven't already!) Boy rats tend to be sweet and a bit calmer, although the disproportionately large testicles and tendency to, er, mark territory can turn a lot of folks off. Our girl rats, while darling, act like speed freaks most of the time. They do. not. stop. moving. ever. They's all good, tho.

Just found your blog and haven't been able to stop reading for four days now, much to the detriment of graduate work. Although I more than understand your moving to a private blog, I hope you'll post here now and again...yours is a powerful, powerful voice. :)


I would consider a pet rat... I always had hamsters. To be honest, I fed them everything and they never died from that, just old age.


Happy Belated Birthday to Naomi!! She's such a smart girl. Your words about your actions from now own becoming part of her story made me think a lot. I feel the same way about motherhood -- sometimes I think I'm not a good parent at all, although I just can't find the strength to blog about it. I hope I can try to bring good things into Kelvin's narrative. Good luck with the rats. I'm glad several other readers can give you advice 'cause I can't... (and I don't really like rats or hamsters, sorry).

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