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Friday, October 12, 2007



I'm glad you're comfortable in your skin being 30. I got pregnant for the first time only then (!) and you've got all that behind you.

Enjoy and have fun!


L'chaim! Many happy returns.


Happy 30th!

Kirsty Hall

Happy Birthday!

I totally agree about being young - although my 30th birthday made me cry, I was so much happier in my 30's - I had such a deeper sense of who I was and I was far less susceptible to other people's opinions of me. While I wouldn't mind having the figure and skin tone that I had in my 20's, you couldn't pay me to go back there. I'm just about to hit 40 in a couple of months and I'm feeling a bit sad about that but I'm hoping that this next decade will be even better than my 30's. I think that we women just get better and better as we age!


Happy birthday!


Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday! 30 was a good year for me-and it just kept getting better! I wish you a happy day, a wonderful year and a magnificent decade!

Mama Zen

Happy birthday!


"I've seen the results of these mindfucks I play on myself so many times, I know where it goes.."

YES! I'm 29 and my thoughts are just beginning to turn down this much happier, hopefully less rutty path.

That's so fantastic you've reached that point. Merry birthday!


Oh god so true that the only thing about being young is being pretty and you're too stupid and immature to enjoy it. Mindfucks indeed.

Yay for being happy in your own skin!

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