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Friday, October 05, 2007



I just checked Miriam's birthstory and she's 2 weeks older than my son. He's got about 8 barely intelligible words and didn't say mama until 20 months old. I'm a big flip-flopper on the worrying. I say I'm not too worried, but then I start thinking about when I should call for an eval. I just don't know. Plus I have no other kids to compare him to.


Beth, I'm waiting until she's 2 for an eval, if she doesn't show any significant development before then. i won't even bother worrying until then.


Ah, the wee bit language...sounds like they're recieving messages from The Baby Planet. Full of babanazoids.

My best friend's 21 month old knows about three baby-sign-language signs, says something resembling "Maaaaaa" and "yum," and that's it. On the other hand he's quite physically advanced. I suppose it (usually) evens out in the end....(?)


I hope this week is better and that Miriam can become less frustrated (and hopefully a bit more verbal) soon.

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