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Wednesday, September 05, 2007



Aw, too cute. Just wait 'til you have to get under that pillow without waking her up. Try to get her to put the tooth into some very large thing that you can easily find in the dark.

We give one gold Sacagawea dollar per tooth. And a note from the tooth fairy. I don't recommend the latter, it sucks to have to write those things when you would much rather go to bed. The kids love them, though.


I'm wondering if Nick will also lose his teeth early since they were all IN early. Goodness. I was a late tooth-loser and that was sad for me for some strange reason.


A former co-worker of mine years ago told me of how she would put gold fairy dust (aka glitter) on her daughter's window sill and then do a small trail to the head of her bed and next to her pillow. I always thought that was an awesome idea.


oooh, i like the glitter idea. and we just got some glitter too.


You hadn't told us she was reading already, did you? THAT's AMAZING!! Tell us more about it!
well, gotta go read the next post.

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