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Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Elizabeth Pantley

Dear Kateri,
It's 5:30 AM, the house is quiet, and your blog is the first message I read this morning. And you made me cry. As much as we mothers try so hard to do the right things, as an author - speaking to other mothers and fathers - I try to find the most important issues and provide solutions that work. Things that can help us to be calmer, happier. To read your blog has touched my heart and lifted me to continue my journey as a parenting author.
Thank you. Very much.
Elizabeth ~^*


Wow, what a nice, moving comment from the author herself!!

I feel the same about the book and I just LOVE the ending of your post -- the with for the 29 minute time out for you!! :) Maybe if you explain the concept to Naomi, she'll let you have your nice and quiet half an hour :) -- use the timer, Kelvin always loves when we use the timer to get him to do things... ;)


Being a Mom is not an easy job. I'm writing this as a guy, but i know what my wife is going through. Forcing our daughter to wear shoes is not an easy task. The trick is to buy her shoes she loves, and then she complies :)

Sleep Apnea Mouthpiece

Maybe, It will be the time for me to look and seek for that book. It sounds interesting and it will really help me as a full time mother to a 2 child's. The No-Cry Discipline Solution, how the title explains itself depicts how to become a great mother/parent to your child.

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